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State of STEM in Technically Philly

Did you read Technically Philly’s State of STEM Report last week? It’s a comprehensive 4-part series that covers the gaps in curriculum, how those gaps jeopardize Philly’s workforce and industry, out of school opportunities to address these gaps, and citizens who are helping out. If this topic makes you want to go out and buy […]

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11 To-Do’s for Women In Tech

I’m at the venerable LISA (Large Installation System Administration) Conference in Boston this week. I just left a panel on Women in Tech. This rap session/problem-solving brainstorm was a great way to wrap up an exhilarating and encouraging year for women in IT. I was reminded of two of my favorite works on why the […]

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Successful STEM Education

Several months ago I attended the National Science Foundation’s Conference on Lessons Learned from SMART Schools teaching STEM Education. It’s come to our attention that many parents may be looking for more information on STEM education, so I thought it was a good time to post about it. STEM education stands for curriculum that emphasizes […]

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Monday Microcontroller Madness Starts at Hive76 Tonight

Tonight Hive76 is kicking off a new monthly workshop focusing on microcontrollers (Arduino is one variety), or little computers you can program yourself to perform a variety of simple tasks. The event is free from 7-10 pm, there will be a small amount of parts available for purchase and knowledgeable hackers who are happy to […]

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The Hacktory mentioned on French news media!

Recently at the awesome international CCCamp in rural Germany, hacker ambassador Mitch Altman was interviewed by French News Media and mentioned The Hacktory as one of the hackerspaces that made a good impression on him. Mitch taught a successful Brain Machine workshop at The Hacktory awhile back, and co-founded Noisebridge –San Francisco’s premier hackerspace. Thousands […]

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Summer Camp to Lure Girls to Manufacturing

Did you know there are manufacturing jobs out there? In the United States? And they want to hire women for them? This awesome camp is encouraging girls to think of manufacturing as a career they might like, by getting their hands on drill presses and soldering irons. This gives us tons of inspiration and ideas […]

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Kickstarting An Open-Source Project

Take note of Matt Heins’ Rockit 8-bit Synth Kit, an open hardware project aiming to make it easy for hackers and musicians to construct a relatively inexpensive synthesizer. There’s no shortage of open hardware synth kits available for enthusiasts to tinker with; the Meeblip, a very similar product, launched last year to much enthusiasm. What […]

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True meaning of the word “Hack”

Great explanation of the origins of the words “hack” and “hacker” and how journalists are ruining them. With so much in the news lately about “phone hacking” and other security breaches people could start to develop serious misconceptions about what hacking involves (if they haven’t already). As the article puts it, “typing the default password […]

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Hackers through (Recent) History

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Read about DIY Radio in Flying Kite Media

We got some great coverage about our DIY Radio class and the mission of the Prometheus Radio Project in Flying Kite Media. Thanks Salas!

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