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Lots of new faces at Open House last night

Last night’s open house was awesome, we had people hacking kinects (yep, two, thanks Ben for bringing yours), lots of talk about Max/MSP, a few thrilling games of Artemis, and plans for more. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Playing Artemis Tomorrow at Open House

Calling all Trekkies: Our weekly Open House tomorrow will feature the game Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator tomorrow. We can get out the kinect too for anyone who’s interested, but we’ve been meaning to test it out and maybe schedule some games with Hive76 and O91 Labs too.

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Open House/Organizer Meeting Tonight

Stop by tonight from 7-9 for our weekly open house, and sit in on our organizer meeting if you like. You can also join us for our potluck dinner starting at 6 pm, all are welcome!

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2nd Kinect Hacking Session last night

We had our second kinect hacking session last night. Didn’t get too far in the hacking, but we did find an awesome resource called Greenfoot that offers the ability to program in a really graphic layout, similar to Scratch. As someone who’s used Processing, another programming language meant for artists, I liked Greenfoot because it […]

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Kinect Hacking Update

So we had our kinect, we had our projector, but we didn’t have the right software. Most of the kinect hacking session last night was spent navigating the immense amount of resources and wikis out there about the kinect. Don’t fret though, we will definitely have everything set for next week so be sure to […]

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Kinect Hacking/Open House Tonight!

Our kinect has arrived so join us tonight from 7-9 pm as we break it open and start hacking! Someone pointed out that since Microsoft released the SDK it’s not really hacking, but we’re still going to have fun! (SDK = Software Development Kit, or a bunch of tools that lets the particular program talk […]

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