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Open Hack Recap: 02/21/13

Last week at Open Hack, we had a good crowd of folks eager to share their interests and check out the facilities. Sharp brought some cool toys to show off: a bottle opener fresh from his brand new 3D printer, and an old GameBoy that he’s reprogrammed to play chiptunes. Several folks mentioned their own […]

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Open Hack Recap: 02/14/13

At last Thursday’s Open Hack, we had an impromptu going-away for Brigid, who’s been teaching and organizing events at the Hacktory for the past year, including our fantastic Intro to Arduino classes. She’s leaving Philadelphia for a few months, but we look forward to her triumphant return. We also had some folks shooting footage for […]

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Soft Circuits Saturday! plus Open Hack Recap

Before I talk about Open Hack, I want to note that we are having Soft Circuit Saturday tomorrow, Feb. 9 from 1-4pm at 3711 Market St. If you want to try out some wire-free ways of moving electrons around, come by and check it out! Last night’s Open Hack brought new and old faces to […]

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Open Hack is Back!

Hey everyone, we’re spiffing up our new home at 3711 Market at the Department of Making and Doing. We’re ready to start up our weekly open hack/open house again. The new time for Open Hacks will be Thursdays from 7-9 pm. Stop by and see our new space, see what we’re working on, or bring […]

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Open Hack 2012-07-02

On Monday we convened for our weekly Open Hack. The evening started with plans for HOPE, which several Hacktory members are attending. We’ll be participating in the Hackerspaces Village and running a Hacking the Gender Gap Workshop on Saturday. Daniel and Christalee soldered a bunch of alligator clips to wires for use in the upcoming […]

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Open House Moving to Mondays

Hey there, just wanted to let everyone know we are switching our Open House for the summer, due to some scheduling conflicts with our volunteers. Open house will now be on Mondays from 7 – 9 pm, same place, 1522-1524 Brandywine. Swing by if you have a chance :).

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No Open House Tonight

Sorry for the late notice, but we can’t do open house tonight due to so much other stuff to get ready for installing our projects at PAFA. Hope to see you Thursday, otherwise, stop by next week!

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Building a window farm at open house

Thanks to our hydroponic enthusiast Rumen we started making a windowfarm last night. It was surprisingly easy. You may have heard of windowfarms, a project that we first saw at NYC’s Eyebeam. The founder Britta Riley has since given a TED talk about them, and how it’s a great model for open-source urban gardening. We […]

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No Open House Tonight

Sorry hackers, we can’t make it to open house tonight. We will definitely be there next week though, and we’ll be holding our monthly organizer meeting. We’re going to be talking about some big ideas we have, so if you’d like to contribute please stop by. We usually start our meetings at 6 pm with […]

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Great Open House Last Night

We had some new folks show up last night, and our Basic Web Dev instructor Matt stopped by, as well as world traveler Itsuki. We had a great conversation about the tech community in Philly, didn’t get too far on our plans for our next installation at PAFA, but that’s a great reason to stop […]

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