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Backing up your Raspberry Pi boot images on your Macintosh

You’ve got your Raspberry Pi computer running smoothly. It does exactly what you want it to do with timed cron jobs and crafty python code. You’ve installed countless new apps via apt-get, and now you’re admiring your work as it hums along using a mere trickle of power compared to your aging desktop. You think […]

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Introductory Raspberry Pi Bootstrap Procedures


The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games, but it also plays high-definition video. At a low price of $35, it’s a real […]

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Looking for Something to Read? Check the Hacker Shelf for a community curated collection of legally free books!

Found this great new resource for the intellectually curious out there. HackerShelf is a collection of community curated, legally free books! If you wanted to learn a new programming language, or some esoteric new API, you might want to check this wealth of free knowledge first. It’s a new site, so the content is ever […]

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Need to Collaborate on a Schematic? Try this new Online Service!

Just stumbled across a new site (currently in Beta) named Upverter. Put simply, it makes it easy to design and share electronic schematics on the web. If you’re collaborating on an electronics project, putting the design in the cloud might be just what you need. It also might be useful for peer review, or simply […]

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What’s a spectrophotometer?

Last week at open house we had a great surprise, one of our guests brought this fantastic piece of medical equipment, which we thought was a mass spectrometer. We ooohed and aaahed and played with the knobs but didn’t do much otherwise. Last night another new guest stopped by and started to dig a little […]

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The Hacktory Door Design Project – Soliciting Your Advice!

We’ve decided to ‘brand’ our door, for marketing purposes and to make it easier for people to find us when we have the Open House and schedule classes at our Brandywine street location.

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Get Rid of Your Electronic Junk on the Junkbox

Found this gem of a site, The Junkbox, a site where you can buy and sell ‘junk’ parts from your stash of projects. Many of the items listed are somewhat outdated, but I’m sure you can find great (re-) use for these classic electronic parts. Why choose The Junkbox over eBay? Simple – it’s 100% […]

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Kickstarting An Open-Source Project

Take note of Matt Heins’ Rockit 8-bit Synth Kit, an open hardware project aiming to make it easy for hackers and musicians to construct a relatively inexpensive synthesizer. There’s no shortage of open hardware synth kits available for enthusiasts to tinker with; the Meeblip, a very similar product, launched last year to much enthusiasm. What […]

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The Hacktory: Crafting a One Sentence Mission Statement – Join the Discussion!

As a long-time board member of The Hacktory, I’m always asked this very simple question: What is the Hacktory? And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m often stumped, or at a loss of words to describe it. I might ramble on about our public events, classes, or our community, trying to find […]

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Sites We Love: Hack A Day

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