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Kinect Hacking Update

So we had our kinect, we had our projector, but we didn’t have the right software. Most of the kinect hacking session last night was spent navigating the immense amount of resources and wikis out there about the kinect. Don’t fret though, we will definitely have everything set for next week so be sure to […]

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Read about DIY Radio in Flying Kite Media

We got some great coverage about our DIY Radio class and the mission of the Prometheus Radio Project in Flying Kite Media. Thanks Salas!

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Kinect Hacking/Open House Tonight!

Our kinect has arrived so join us tonight from 7-9 pm as we break it open and start hacking! Someone pointed out that since Microsoft released the SDK it’s not really hacking, but we’re still going to have fun! (SDK = Software Development Kit, or a bunch of tools that lets the particular program talk […]

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Solar Sinter prints in 3D with power from the sun

Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo. In case you didn’t see this on Boing Boing, this is a video of a 3D printer made by Markus Kayser which uses a lens and the sun to heat sand and 3D print in glass.

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Sites We Love: Hack A Day

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Groundswell Players Space Launch Party Saturday!

Groundswell in Space

Don’t forget the launch party for the Groundswell Players Saturday at the Arts Parlor. Come support these awesomely talented performers complete their fundraising goal for their space-themed production that we’re helping build the set for. You may have already supported them on kickstarter, but if not, you can come at 8:30 pm and get grilled […]

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First Kinect Project: Making Music With Your Body!

Here’s a free, open-source demo of the stuff you can do with a Kinect. This one is called SYNAPSE for Kinect and this allows you to use your whole body as an instrument.

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Hive76 vs. The Hacktory in Artemis Space Bridge

So we weren’t familiar with the game Artemis Space Bridge Simulator, a networked PC game that is meant to make you feel like you’re at the helm of the Enterprise (though it’s not an officially licensed Star Trek game). Daniel from Hive76 invited us to play and showed us the video above and we were […]

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Announcing Kinect Hacking at The Hacktory

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve known for awhile it would be a good idea to bring back a regular hacking event, so we’re going to make it happen. We’re buying a kinect (Microsoft/XBox’s newest game console that allows you to do amazing motion and body sensing) and let you do stuff like this […]

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What does the future hold for The Hacktory?

Reviving open hacks? Getting a kinect? Making one DIY pass for all of Philly? Find out tonight at our organizer meeting, all are welcome. Potluck dinner at 6 pm, meeting at 7. 1524 Brandywine Street – be sure to ring the bell!

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